Mistakes I’ve made in the past

Regrets I wish wouldn’t last

Repeatedly running through my mind

I wish I could leave it all behind

Caught up with temporary things

I should’ve held onto the King of kings

Feeling lost and incomplete

Same cycles on repeat

Afraid there’s no more love to give

Hanging on just to live

I don’t want to trust and hope

Scared, cause the results are unknown

I need to be revived

I can no longer stay on this side

Striving to hold back tears

Fear no more, for I am yours




Stepping out into the great unknown

Wondering whether to hold on or to let go

Afraid it might all come crashing down

I take a step back with a frown

So scared of what might come to be

I restrict myself from being free

My spirit wants to trust in You

Yet my weak body is falling through

The lies become louder and louder

And the truth seems to get smaller and smaller

Having to grow up so fast

Can’t we just slow down and enjoy life while it lasts?

Wanting to go back to the simpler days
Because back then it wasn’t like a maze

Getting lost and caught up with unnecessary things

I feel as if my heart is being played by strings

Being blinded by my crazy feelings

Falling into the attacks from the devils dealings

Should I walk away now when I still have the chance?

Anxiousness has me fearing what might come next

Terrified of being hurt, I hide, afraid of the side effects

Will I ever be able to know?

His love and joy seem to make it worth all the blows

Maybe hanging on will be the best way to go

Because through trials and testings there proves to be gold

Forgetting the roughs and looking forward and being bold

It will be worth the fight at the end of this treacherous journey

Nothing and no one can tear us down

Fighting till the end, cause all else will drown

Trusting the unknown

But knowing that in the end, He holds it all in his control

I still waiver and doubt

But because of that, it is where hope and faith spurts out

Wanting to know it all

Am I ever going to find that peace leaves me completely satisfied?



Despite our weak attempts of making sense

We know what’s left in the end

Trying hard not to fall within

Struggling, but knowing I can win

Attacks of uncertainty come and go

But I do not want to show

Hiding it in my heart

For I fear if I tell,  it might tear you apart

Persuasion sweeps me off

I finally tell you what’s been on my heart

You do your best to cheer me on

I smile, knowing what’s within is now gone

Though doubts linger

I stand, trusting  it will all get be better

Distance can be so hard

All I want is to be near where you are

Missing you and what you do

Will I ever be able to get through?

But I must admit

The wait will be worth it

Embracing whatever comes my way

Gotta keep my head up and pray

Thankful for these lessons

My burden is slowly lessened



Find Me

Find Me

Find me as I am, as I seek your mighty hand

Where thoughts lead me astray yet you stay the same

Forgive me my ways, all I want to see is your face

Your leadership is perfect, I do not need to worry

Love has won this battle, as you whisper “Come Away!”

As worry and doubt fill my brain, still you remain

One look from your eyes and my heart is contained

Your spirit leads me to the secret place, where I dance with you my King

All fear is gone as he holds me close, saying,

“Daddy’s here, no need to be afraid, I have come to take you away!”

While embracing me, I can feel your love, I no longer feel the pain in my heart

I once was so afraid, but now I am amazed

By your power and grace that has left me changed

Even though fear and doubt often bother me

I will trust in you, knowing you are my truth

Though I stray your love shows me the way

You guide me and lead me, no need to worry

I can’t wait to finish our beautiful love story

My beloved is mine, and I am his

As we walk hand in hand through life’s journey

Remember to pray, when you feel dismayed

I am always with you, so no need to worry

Your life is to shine through my glory

As you whisper this into my ears

Peace has overcome every fear

Wave after wave of love and grace

I stand in awe, utterly amazed